10/23/2012 Camden, October 23, 2012 – At a rail siding of the evolving Paulsboro Marine Terminal, the South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC), and its partners, signed an $18.5 million federal stimulus grant today that will create thousands of jobs by upgrading freight rail from South Jersey into the market heartland of America.

The SJPC formed an alliance with Salem County and Conrail, leveraging their collective $117 million in infrastructure investments to qualify for the $18.5 million in federal stimulus money from the U.S. Department of Transportation. It translates into 1,700 construction jobs and thousands of long term jobs into the future.

“This is a critical link between the American consumers and producers to the global market place,” said Richard Alaimo, chairman of the SJPC. “You can’t be a world class economy without having world class ports and world class ports require efficient world class rail from dock to markets that this project will upgrade.”

The SJPC ocean terminals in Camden, Paulsboro and Salem have direct access to the major interstate highways that can reach out to 100 million consumers within 24 hours and 75% of the populations of the United States and Canada within 48 hours. The rail improvements will give the SJPC terminals, with ship-side rail capacity, an enhanced capability to the North America rail network and markets for its customers, including the west coast.

“The $18.5 million is good but this is an ongoing, evolving process of upgrading and improving our infrastructure,” said SJPC Executive Director Kevin Castagnola. “We will continue our collaborative efforts to continually upgrade our infrastructure, competitiveness and create and maintain family-sustaining jobs.” The Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grants are designed to augment local investments into the transportation infrastructure to spur economic and job development.

The SJPC terminals in Camden and Salem and the soon to be opened Paulsboro Marine Terminal are key to the development of southern New Jersey. Southern New Jersey is a peninsula. The 42-mile rail freight line from Port Salem, through Swedesboro, Paulsboro, Camden and to Delair bridge, connecting it to the national rail network, will be upgraded. And a new two-mile connection to the new docks under construction in the Paulsboro Marine Terminal will be built. The train speed along the 18-mile line from Swedesboro to Salem, which is currently limited to 5 mph because of track conditions, will be upgraded.

The Delaware River Rail / Port Improvement Project is divided into three components, starting with Conrail’s Delair Bridge approach rehabilitation utilizing $12.5 million of the grant with a $12.5 million match. The Salem County component is comprised of two projects; the Oldmans Trestle Rail Bridge replacement at a cost of $3.5 million including a local match of $500,000 and the Salem Running Track rehabilitation at a cost of $1.55 million and a local match of $750,000. The SJPC component is the Paulsboro At-Grade Rail Infrastructure at a cost of $3.2 million with a local match of $1 million. This component leverages the ongoing construction of the new Paulsboro Marine Terminal which will have on-dock rail capability to service ships with rail service directly.

“This is always a work in progress which will require more federal investment and we’ working together to give South Jersey the infrastructure it needs to continue to be a global competitor,” Castagnola said.

The South Jersey Port Corporation is an agency of the State of New Jersey overseeing the import and export of international bulk, breakbulk and container cargos into and through South Jersey. The agency owns, operates and manages the Balzano Marine Terminal and the Broadway Terminal in Camden, NJ and the Salem Marine Terminal in Salem, NJ and is developing a new port facility, the Paulsboro Marine Terminal, in Paulsboro, NJ. The agency is also the grantee for Foreign Trade Zone #142.



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