The South Jersey Port Corporation's mission is to provide services and facilities to accommodate the transportation of goods and commodities by water and land to foster regional economic development for the benefit of our Port District and, specially, the Cities of Camden and Salem, New Jersey.

The SPJC will accomplish this purpose by fulfilling the following goals:

  1. Work in partnership with our State and private entities to compliment their functions and capabilities.
  2. Provide majors regional service4s and facilities for the handling of bulk, break bulk, dry bulk and containerized cargoes.
  3. Retain and expand the existing industrial, manufacturing, distribution and related employment bases within the Port District and the South Jersey region.
  4. Be sensitive to the needs and concerns and strive to server the public's interest by improving public awarness and by working cooperatively with labor and business for the enhancement of our regions.
  5. Retains and operate our facilities in a professional and business-like manner.
  6. Make the State of New Jersey a vital link witin the world's markets.
Kevin Castagnola, Executive Director & CEO
Jay Jones, Deputy Executive Director / Administrative Services
Bruno Cellucci, Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer
Hank D'Andrea, Facilities Engineer
Michael Colavita, General Manager of Maintenance of Mobile Equipment and Facilities
Tom Johnson, Senior Marketing Representative
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