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South Jersey Port in Full Operation Through Pandemic

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All persons entering Balzano and Broadway terminal must wear face masks or be denied entry.

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Until further notice, SJPC employees and visitors will be subject to temperature screening at the Balzano and Broadway Marine Terminals. Refusal to submit to temperature scans, or scans resulting in feverish temperatures, will result in denial of entry.


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For more than four decades the dockside workers from Delaware River Stevedores have teamed with SJPC crews to deliver the reliable, high-quality, efficient services that our customers depend upon. Learn more about this important partnership

What is “Winter Steel”? It is a phrase used to describe imported steel that arrives at South Jersey Port Corporation when the St. Lawrence Seaway is closed because it is too dangerous for ships to navigate in winter conditions. Learn More:

Steel tubes for @JohnLawrieGroup being unloaded from a ship @ SJ Port. John Lawrie Tubulars are specialists in supplying steel tubulars to the construction industry & has been expanding its services nationwide. Read about their Camden expansion here:


Wishing everyone a terrific 2021! We're excited for a new year and new initiatives that will make our ports and region even stronger as we heal and rebuild together.

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