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Know Before You Go

Balzano-Security-boothThe SJPC’s facilities, Broadway and Balzano Marine Terminals, are regulated under the federal Maritime Transportation Security Act. A Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is required for access to our facilities. Below are the minimum security requirements for our terminals. To obtain a TWIC from the federal government, visit the Transportation Security Agency’s website at Click here for basic TWIC information. The SJPC also extends an opportunity to known companies and organizations to receive status as TWIC escorts in our facilities through our sponsorship and training program.

TWIC Escort Process

  1. The company must nominate a TWIC escort candidate. Click here for the Sponsorship Application.
  2. The Escort Candidate must take the Self-training Escort Program. Click here for the package which includes TWIC Escorting and Security Awareness Training Pamphlet; Basic TWIC and TWIC Escort Information; and SJPC Minimum Security Requirements. Click here for the Escort Training package.
  3. The Escort Candidate must fill out and sign the TWIC Training Acknowledgement form, front and back.
  4. The Nominating company must submit to the SJPC the Escort Sponsorship Application, the TWIC Training Acknowledgement Form, and a color copy of the Nominated Escort’s TWIC card.

These documents must be submitted—hand delivered, mailed or emailed—7 days in advance of the specific TWIC Escort need.

Helpful Documents

SJPC Minimum Security Requirements: Download 
TWIC Escort Training Materials: Downloads
TWIC Escort Sponsor Application: Download
SJPC TWIC Escort Training Acknowledgement: Download

Quick Downloads

SJPC Minimum Security Requirements

TWIC Escort Training Materials

TWIC Escort Sponsor Application

SJPC TWIC Escort Training Acknowledgement

Contact Info

O'Leary, Chuck
Security Manager/Facility Security Officer
C: 856-757-4915

Greenjack, Kevin
Security Captain
C: 609-685-2271

Balzano Terminal Security Booth
P: 856-757-4978
C: 609-685-1740

Broadway Terminal Security Booth
P: 856-757-4956
C: 609-685-1991