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The South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC) is committed to providing the absolute best services to our port users and customers. Whether it is providing on-demand inventory control services for cargo in the warehouse or expert crane services on the terminal, SJPC strives to provide our industry with unparalleled, “one stop shop” services.

We offer our customers short and long term covered and open storage opportunities, inventory control services, and logistic services. We will handle your cargo from the ship to the final destination.

In addition, we are the grantee of Foreign Trade Zone No. 142 with locations in southern New Jersey. In fact, the SJPC’s FTZ has two permanent locations near local the marine terminals and airports; one at the Port of Salem and the other at Millville Executive Airport. Both are general purpose zones with indoor and outdoor storage space for use by a number of companies.

The SJPC also has opportunities for businesses to lease property within the Port District. With more than 35 tenants, the Port of Camden offers an advantage to businesses involved with water-borne cargo and the maritime industry. We have a true network of public/private enterprises, working together in many instances, throughout the Joseph A. Balzano and Broadway Marine Terminals.

To learn more about our terminal services, foreign trade zone or leasing opportunities, call 856-757-4929.