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Green Port Initiatives

Modern ports are “green” ports that have an unflinching commitment to be good citizens in our host communities and to operate in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Being “green” continues to be a core principle of the SJPC. Our marine terminals thrive in urban centers where the SJPC is a major employer. The SJPC is committed to providing family-sustaining jobs for our community and being a good neighbor in the process. Our Green Port initiatives are indispensable to both. It’s a commitment to port operations that are both efficient and environmentally sound. 

  • With the help of U.S. EPA grants, the Port repowered its fleet of cargo movers, cranes and vehicles with engines that get better mileage and release fewer pollutants
  • SJPC’s newest crane, the Kocks multi-purpose crane, is fully electric and produces no emissions, unlike its diesel powered predecessors
  • Planted maple trees along Broadway next to our terminal to both provide visual relief as well as benefits to the air
  • Worked with Heart of Camden building a green buffer that helps reverse an urban heat zone, filtering out pollutants, discharging fresh oxygen.
  • Organized and led a community-wide clean up day that involved local businesses as well as our own employees