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South Jersey Port Corporation is expanding to meet business needs and helping to grow New Jersey’s economy

Andy Saporito took the helm of the South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC) last year and brought with him nearly 40 years of experience. He jumped right into ensuring the Port can serve business needs with top-notch facilities and creating a team that can execute the Port’s mission to attract cargo and maritime-related activity to foster economic development and create jobs. In his short time at SJPC, he’s surveyed the port’s facilities, equipment, and business model to ensure quality customer service for current tenants and customers. He’s also developed a clear vision to retain customers and develop a growth strategy that leverages relationships with stakeholders, the port’s team, and current and recently expanded facilities.

Expanding and improved capacity and facilities
The Paulsboro Marine Terminal (PMT) is key to South Jersey’s economy and growth at the port. PMT is the first new marine port on the Delaware River in the last 50 years. Since its opening in 2017, more than four million tons of imported steel slabs have moved through PMT, creating jobs and opportunities for the region. The second phase of construction of PMT is scheduled for completion in 2021. At full build-out, it will have three berths on the Delaware River and a barge berth on Mantua Creek. Currently, 45 acres are tenant occupied, with 140 acres of available space. The potential to develop that space is high with markets for wind energy farms expanding on the East Coast and the flexibility to service diverse cargo and other business needs.

SJPC is also prioritizing infrastructure needs across all of their terminals including Balzano and Broadway Marine Terminals in Camden and Salem Marine Terminal in Salem. The plans include rehabilitation of existing buildings and replacement of older buildings- incorporating modern facilities that can handle more cargo. The port is also looking at the use of solar energy to help attract new clients looking to boost sustainable practices in their operations.

Easy access and highway connections to the entire eastern seaboard of the United States is a major asset in attracting business to the port. This proximity to every major city in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states allows companies to move goods both quickly and economically. The port’s rail freight network also provides clients with the infrastructure they need to transport their products more efficiently. SJPC recently announced a $6 million grant to implement improvements to the rail system at the Joseph A. Balzano Marine Terminal to provide seamless dock to rail capacity. These improvements will expand the capability to easily move products like steel, cocoa beans, wood, and project cargo.

A team poised to gain new customers and service current ones
The employees at the port play a critical role in the everyday operations and success of the port. They are the stewards that drive customer satisfaction. SJPC’s team on the docks, in the warehouses, in the offices, and in transit sheds deliver 24/7, 365 days a year– in all sorts of weather– with a commitment to customers, tenants, and partners of the port.

“The SJPC has a long tradition of hard-working employees who go the extra mile for customers. Supporting our team and providing them with the tools they need is a critical part of our strategy,” said Saporito. “We’ve implemented several new hires earlier this year and a restructuring of internal operations to accomplish our goals.”

SJPC recently announced key additions to its executive team. Kevin Duffy is the new chief operating officer responsible for the overall management of the operations of the terminals, warehouse, vessels, and security. Duffy has 34 years of experience in marine terminal operations, having most recently worked at APM in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Brendan Dugan, newly-appointed director of business development, is a 40-year veteran of the maritime industry who has held senior-level positions with Ports America and the Port of Tacoma; he will head up efforts to add to the 4 million tons of cargo the port handles. Jonathan Atwood joined the team as chief of staff and external affairs, responsible for facilitating decisions of the executive team, implementing a centralized human resource function, and developing a more formal system of processes and procedures. Atwood was the chief of staff for New Jersey’s First Legislative District, where he managed three offices across two counties. Along with Executive Director & CEO Saporito and Chief Financial Officer Bruno Cellucci, SJPC has a team and organizational structure to continue to grow jobs and the economy of the region.

Businesses who have shipping or space needs can contact the port for a one-stop-shop of marine terminal services. Click here to learn how the SJPC advantage can help your business.

South Jersey Port Corporation Honors Its Workers This Labor Day

In honor of our workers – the key to our success – the South Jersey Port Corporation’s four marine terminals will be closed Monday, September 7th – Labor Day. It’s a national holiday born in our home port city of Camden, New Jersey in 1892 to celebrate the countless hard-working men and women who are the engine of our dynamic economy who are honored with a paid holiday, parades, picnics and a long weekend to mark the unofficial end of well-earned summer vacations.

Update re: Phone System Outage – Service Restored

***UPDATE 6/9/2020 All phone system service is restored, thank you for your patience***

The phone system outage is related to damaged fiber lines from the June 3rd storm.  Utility crews must finish clearing downed power lines before fiber restoration crews are permitted to access the site.  Please contact us via email or mobile phone in the interim. Click here for the staff directory. Thank you for your continued patience. 

South Jersey Port Welcomes New Tenant

John Lawrie Inc – a top trader of metal piping is the newest tenant at our facilities in Camden. The multi-year lease means more local jobs as the port builds upon the 4 million tons of cargo that it handles annually. Our team is safely transporting the first shipment of steel pipes from the docks to their storage yard to keep the supply chain moving.

South Jersey Port Outlines Updated Health and Safety Measures

The health and safety of our staff, tenants, customers, and visitors is paramount while we confront the threats associated with the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. As an essential part of the regional supply chain, South Jersey Port has maintained operations unabated to ensure the transportation of critical raw materials, including those that are used to manufacture metal for canned foods, disinfectant sprays, and other vital commodities.

We have implemented new check-in procedures for truck drivers and visitors ensuring that our business operations continue while limiting direct contact between our staff and outside personnel. We have converted all in-person meetings to teleconferences and enabled SJPC staff, who have the capability to work remotely to do so, thus sustaining Port business while ensuring proper social distancing.

To ensure the safety of our staff, customers, and visitors, while adhering to CDC guidelines, SJPC has provided all staff with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, gloves, and Level 1 surgical masks. All SJPC employees and visitors (including truck drivers) are required to wear masks while in SJPC facilities. Hand sanitizer pumps have been placed in each building for people to use when entering and exiting our facilities. We have also purchased several UV phone sanitizers, which have been strategically deployed throughout our facilities. Machine operators have been equipped with packs for disinfecting equipment. Our team in the Maintenance and Facilities’ Department has prioritized the daily cleaning of workspaces, while an outside cleaning company has been performing sanitization cleanings four times a week at both terminals. Finally, in collaboration with DRS, we have set up a centralized location at Balzano Terminal where we check everybody’s temperature using scanners. Even those staff members and visitors going to the Broadway Terminal must first come to Balzano Terminal to be scanned. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4º or above, or refusing a temperature scan, will not be permitted into our facilities.

SJPC is currently utilizing our Continuity of Operations Plan to define the actions needed for our operations to continue during emergencies. This plan provides guidance to agencies, tenants, and SJPC personnel with an overview of potential roles and assignments preceding, during, and following disruptive events. We have developed informational bulletins outlining the safety steps SJPC personnel need to take to keep themselves and their workplaces free from the spread of the virus.

Safety measures and protocols will continue to be updated as per guidance from federal, state, and local health officials. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect the health and safety of SJPC staff and keep everybody updated as new information becomes available. This information will also be shared on our website and via social media.

We hope everyone stays safe during this unfortunate and historic crisis. The staff at SJPC will continue to work safely to deliver essential cargo to our customers and keep the supply chain moving.

Be Well, Stay Safe

South Jersey Port in Full Operation Through Pandemic


“In the midst of this pandemic, our foremost focus is on the health and safety of our employees, customers and the truck drivers, stevedores, longshoremen and tenants who populate our terminals,” Andrew Saporito, CEO and Executive Director of the South Jersey Port Corporation said.

“And, just as importantly, is the health and safety of the residents of our host communities. We are following all recommended health and safety guidelines while ensuring business continuity. We are open and operational.”

South Jersey Port Corporation’s mission is to maintain the global supply chain – vital for the South Jersey and regional economy – while protecting our community from the spread of the virus.

SJPC is doing that with an enhanced sense of prudence and vigilance SJPC’s four marine terminals in Southern New Jersey continue – unabated – in their vital role to the economy of Southern New Jersey and the region.

SJPC is following the recommendations, protocols, and guidelines from the CDC, State of New Jersey, and the US Coast Guard.

SJPC will continue to be prudent in its response to this pandemic and vigilant to whatever changes that may be required to address this threat.