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Author : SJPC


Haley, Patrick
Warehouse and Logistics Manager
P: 856-757-4938
C: 856-524-8938

Hope, Rose
Assistant Warehouse and Logistics Manager
P: 856-757-4994

Vindick, Michael
Receiving & Delivery Clerk
P: 856-757-4977

Korte, Len
Data Entry Clerk
P: 856-757-4902

Crowe, Doug
Logistics Clerk
P: 856-757-4973

Schreyer, Gary
Warehouse Clerk
P: 856-757-4967

Bozarth, Jaclyn
Warehouse Clerk
P: 856-757-4929


Efelis, Athina
Billing Manager
P: 856-757-4922

Nguyen, Lien
Billing Coordinator
P: 856-757-4905


Cellucci, Bruno

Assistant Executive Director/CFO
P: 856-757-4917
C: 609-929-8360

Glanz, Oanh
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
P: 856-757-4916

Franchi, Adam
Accounts Payable Coordinator
P: 856-757-4971

Trump, Harry
Accounting Manager
P: 856-757-4911

Thompson, Jamie
Human Resource Generalist
P: 856-757-4928

Terminal Operations

Miller, Doug
Terminal Superintendent
C: 609-685-2240

Flanigan, Paul
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-2272

Johnson, Thom
Senior Mark. Mgr./Operations Asst./Safety Officer/Foreign Trade Manager
P: 856-757-4926
C: 609-685-2242

Kelley, Bill
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-2952

Luedtke, Ed
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-4952

Sewekow, Richard
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-4514

Purcell, Robert
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-4146

Executive / Administration

Saporito, Andrew
Executive Director & CEO
P: 856-757-4927

Duffy, Kevin
Assistant Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer
P: 856-757-4953
C: 609-315-0635

Dugan, Brendan
Assistant Executive Director/Business Development
P: 856-757-4993
C: 609-315-1082

D’Amico, Victoria
Senior Executive Assistant
P: 856-757-4900

Atwood, Jonathan
Chief of Staff and External Affairs
P: 856-757-4972
C: 609-707-0326

Bicher, Perry
Executive Administrative Assistant
P: 856-757-4904